Chasing Bubbles

Chasing Bubbles

I love this picture of my granddaughter, as I love most pictures of her.  But this one. This one speaks to my heart in ways that nudge me toward something much deeper.

Squeals of joy had followed her steps that afternoon, as she chased wave after wave of soapy delight. I had contentedly watched her happy pursuit of the illusive orbs of iridescent blue, as they floated on the breeze. Some reached high into the tops of the trees before exploding into the afternoon sunshine. Others disappeared as soon as they took flight.

She was undaunted, as she chased the fragile spheres of saponaceous light. Each pursuit brought new hope that she would capture the essence of the treasure. And when it was gone, she simply chased another, with the same great degree of abandon.

I watched, through the camera’s lens, as the very last, luminous, ball drifted higher and higher into the air. Her innocent hand reached upward, as if to say “Farewell, good friend”. Her eyes never left the glistening ball, as it disappeared into a perfectly blue sky.

I snapped the last photo frame and watched in wonder, as she twirled around to meet my gaze. There were no tears of regret or of disappointment, even though the very last bubble had vanished. There was only joy in her expression, as she ran back to me.

There was only joy.

Once again, this child was the teacher and I, her student. Her purity of spirit had written a lesson plan for life, in four easy steps:

*Pursue each new ‘bubble’ of life with complete abandon

*Attach no expectation to the outcome, solely taking delight in what its essence has to offer

*Accept its destined lifespan… realizing that when it is gone, another, -just as beautiful-, is waiting to be born

*Embrace the joy of the journey!

I hope that after I have zealously chased down every last, glistening, ‘bubble’ of my life, I will pause to gaze, in bliss, as it floats into the Light.

And I’ll lift my hand in one last, grand expression of delighted farewell…

With deepest gratitude for the journey.



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