It’s an interesting thing.  Life.  There are so many ups and downs, with twists and turns along the way. About the time you think you’re on a straight path (and a clear course), there comes another, unexpected, bend in the road.

Uncertainty is uncomfortable.  In fact, it can feel downright terrifying…or defeating.  It’s hard to find peace when there seems to be no guarantee that your best hopes and dreams will come true, even by virtue of your most fervent efforts.

But, what if…

You could surrender your fickle heart’s demands and open yourself to undreamt-of possibilities, via faith in something greater than your own imagination’s feeble limitations?

And, what if…

You could embrace the mystery of the journey, letting go of the exhausting, futile, and oft-times disheartening attempts to control that which is not within your power to control?

And then, just maybe…

You could find the freedom to accept each moment, each circumstance, each bend in the road, with the fullest measure of gratitude, knowing that it is in ultimate alignment with Love’s highest intention for you.

And, perhaps…

If you find thankfulness, not only for the lovely, easy things in life, but choose to find fearless gratitude for the parts of life, which are not as easily embraced or understood, you will also find the truest pathway toward peace.

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