These articles are a collection of memories, (mostly) told in poetic form, from a life long-lived.


acottagecreeklife.comThe Old Barn  -As I stepped into the clearing, from my stroll in the snowy timber, the old barn greeted me with its familiar form.  Gnarled limbs quietly framed the well loved structure that was built by calloused, ancestral hands.   I couldn’t help but think of the first of them, who saw this piece of ground and dreamed a dream…


acottagecreeklife.comThe Old Barn, pt 2  –It groaned with the weight of a family’s heartbreak, amidst twisted tin and ash.  Transformed from machine to monument, in the blink of an eye.  It beckoned memories, which rose from smoldering embers, to sit one last time


acottagecreeklife.comReflections of the Past -Grandparents can be a beautiful thing in a child’s life.  Everyone longs for unconditional love.  Often, grandparents are able to patiently care for their grandchildren in that special way.  Growing up in a rural area also brings children unique experiences of a simpler life.  Eventually, when that child grows older, the pull to return back to “home” can no longer be denied.  The photo is the reflection of a sunset on the old chicken coop window at my grandparent’s farm.  A longing to retrace childhood steps had taken me back to their old homeplace.  The visit was pure magic, bringing into sharp focus those days of long ago.  I kept thinking that I had finally returned “home”.  Deep Gratitude.  That is what I felt.  If only every child could be blessed by such a treasure.

acottagecreeklife.comLove’s First Steps  -Generational love is one of the Creator’s sweetest gifts.  This is a poetic piece, written from an ordinary experience with my youngest grandchild, on one very ordinary day, as we sat on an ordinary front porch.



reclaiming lost gardening traditionsReclaiming Lost Social Traditions Around Gardening  -“The only constant in life is this:  Life is ever changing.  Change is good.  It keeps us moving in a forward motion, optimizing growth and preventing stagnation (which is never a good thing).  But there are some “old-time” social traditions around gardening that are quickly becoming lost to the newest generations…traditions which may be worth reclaiming…”




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