Wisdom From the Ordinary


The moments of “Ordinary” hold extraordinary power to teach us powerful life lessons.


acottagecreeklife.comBeloved  -Sometimes, miracles present themselves in ordinary moments.  This is the true story, of a time when Love reached down in an extraordinary way, to speak to my frightened, hurting heart.


Life Lessons from ordinary momentsChasing Bubbles  -Some of the very best life lessons come from the most ordinary moments.

“I snapped the last photo frame and watched in wonder, as she twirled around to meet my gaze. There were no tears of regret or of disappointment, even though the very last bubble had vanished. There was only joy in her expression, as she ran back to me.  There was only joy.  Once again, this child was the teacher and I, her student. Her purity of spirit had written a lesson plan for life, in four easy steps…”


Far Away II w sigWhen Deep Love Meets Deep Need  -“My father found his way into my dreams, again, last night.  I find it interesting that he comes to me, not in the form of the hard working, vibrant figure of my youth, but as the shell of a man, who lay dying with Alzheimer’s disease.   This morning, I awoke with a ‘knowing’ that there is a deeply profound lesson which lies hidden in the folds of those dream-state visits…”


Content in Snow w sigWisdom From a Cat  -“I call this photo “Content in Snow”.  It inspires me, and this is why…  The life of a barn cat is not easy.  Meals are well earned.  And sparse.  They are not served in pretty little kibble dishes.  There are no silky cat pillows. No brightly colored toys, and no temperature controlled luxuries to enjoy.  There is rain and snow. Stifling heat. Dust. Then mud. Cockle burrs and stick-tights…”


Life Lessons From a ChickenLife Lessons From a Chicken, Part I  -“Learning life lessons from a chicken doesn’t seem very likely, but that’s exactly what I experienced while caring for my backyard flock.  Admittedly, I had some expectations around raising chickens, but learning from them was definitely not one of them.  The truth is, many times, the most meaningful lessons are found in the most unlikely places…”




New Beginnings  -A poetic look at how Springtime symbolizes “New Beginnings”.








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