Cottage Creek Creations Galleries

Cottage Creek Creations Galleries


Welcome to our Galleries page!  We hope you will find a little tranquil inspiration, as you meander through our images.  Our photos are copyrighted…however, we do like to play nice and share at Cottage Creek.  You are welcome to download and share.  If you would like to use an image for one of your own creative endeavors (with the intention of sharing with others), please be sure to give us the photo credit: Cottage Creek Creations,   To be notified of new gallery additions, please subscribe with your email (bottom of the page).  Thanks, friends…enjoy!  Hope to see you again, real soon.


Cottage Creek was created to serve as a tranquil retreat for spiritual introspection and creative inspiration.  We hope these peaceful images will inspire you to dream your truest dreams, chase them with full abandon, believe in the highest possibilities, and embrace your very best version of life.   


There is a steady stream of neighborhood cats, who wander in and around Cottage Creek.  We have welcomed them, feed them, provided nursery care and adoptive services, and loved them all.  We’ve come to see curious glimpses of ourselves (and humanity, in general) as we watch their interactions with each other and with the rest of the world.  Like most ordinary things, they have the power to teach extraordinary lessons about love and life…see Wisdom From a Cat.  The pictures, in the gallery, are of those transient, furry souls, who managed to find their way to Cottage Creek.  We will be forever grateful for the love and lessons they have taught us and also for the joy that comes with joining furbaby and family, as they ultimately find their forever homes.    


One of our favorite things, at Cottage Creek, is to capture “a picture that says a thousand words” and then marry it to “words that paint a poignant picture”.   Spreading a little encouragement and inspiration, by sharing our creative works with others, makes it all the more yummy!  We hope you will enjoy these ‘Inspirational Words-Beautiful Images’.  


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