In the Stillness

In the Stillness

This has been an interesting New Year’s Day for me. In years past, my approach to this annual day of new beginnings has typically been charged with zestful resolve to achieve “this or that”, as I looked toward the coming year.

Not so, this year.

This day, of new beginnings, has been marked by a tranquil surrender to Stillness. And with it, a knowing…

that there, within the boundaries of that sacred place, is where I will find the straightest pathway toward my best life. This year, it is less about resolve and more about abiding -in Stillness- which speaks divine wisdom into footsteps that traverse down pathways of passionate purpose and deep-seated contentment.

I am beginning this new year in quiet gratitude for the mysteries that will unfold, and I am wishing for each of you a beautiful new year, filled with your own best version of hope and peace.

Happy New Year, friends!

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