The Old Barn

The Old Barn

As I stepped into the clearing, from my stroll in the snowy timber, the old barn greeted me with its familiar form.  Gnarled limbs quietly framed the well loved structure that was built by calloused, ancestral hands.

I couldn’t help but think of the first of them, who saw this piece of ground and dreamed a dream.

With stubborn determination, love for the land, and a deep yearning to build a legacy

They toiled.




They toiled.

And all the while, the land lay silently, watching…listening

Holding, in safekeeping, the story of the family

Who dreamed

And toiled

And loved.

If one, who passes by, carefully listens

He will surely hear

The tall grasses whisper among themselves

Recounting the treasured moments

In Celebration of Heritage


The Old Barn, pt 2

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