A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

Crimson rays merge with gold as new light bursts from the far horizon.  Feathered songs fade slumber into past, as blissful chirps herald promise of a brand new day.  Yesterday’s slate, wiped clean in the night, stands ready for the next new mystery to unfold.  From a bedside stand, the faithful “tick-tock” gently chants, “A new day – Another way”, as grateful feet sink deeply into fuzzy slippers.

Rich aroma from roasted beans meld with creamy goodness.  The stemming cup, enjoyed from brightly colored cushions on a covered deck.  Cool morning breezes play soft, sweet tunes on a weathered, old windchime, as feathery white wisps float across the landscape, carrying seeds by grand design.  Beautiful blue wings, with splashes of red, flutter with anticipation amidst purple blossoms.  Kitten’s peek-a-boo eyes cautiously peer from its hiding place, mustering up courage to emerge from beneath.  Tentative paws move with uncertainty, yielding to the secret draw of the ‘arms of love’, which patiently await.  All of creation, it seems, a tranquil reminder of Divine promise -in this brand new day.

And I remember…

The steady voice of a beloved grandmother, in joyful recitation of ancient words, “His mercies are new each morning.  Great is Thy faithfulness!”.

And I remember…

A beautiful psalmist’s prayer, tenderly held in sacred text, crossing my own earnest lips, “Cause me to hear thy loving-kindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust.  Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.  Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good.”

The gift of each dawn brings with it fresh hope and forgotten past.  Each day -a clean slate, mysteriously full of bright promise and new beginnings.  When we catch ourselves, in angst, looking back, may we remember the vow that is held within the dawn of each new morning.  When our cautious eyes peer out into the realm of uncertainty, let us eagerly, intentionally, seek Stillness, where divine arms of Love patiently await.  And may we move forward, not with tentative, frightened steps, but in surefooted faith, which will surely guide us toward our best and highest version of life.


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