An Intentional Life


The following are post archives, which focus on approaching life in an intentional way, as a pathway toward experiencing the best possible version of life:

Snowy WoodsThe Gift  -A poignant, true account of an encounter with the cruel reality of life that many, who are hidden from view, live on a day-to-day basis.  This is a holiday season story that you don’t want to miss, reminding us of the ever-present love of God, as He works through those ‘who have more’ to care for those ‘who need more’.

excerpt:  “As the holiday season of giving approaches, I am sharply reminded of extreme need, which lies hidden between the cracks of plenty.  I am acutely made aware of panicked cries that will lie muffled beneath the hearty strains of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, and my heart aches for growling bellies that will not be filled around a satisfying table of plenty…”

When Fear Isn't the Biggest ThingWhen Fear Isn’t The Biggest Thing  – A humorous true story, about a pig and a broom, which taught the author an unexpected lesson about fear.  When fear isn’t the biggest thing, there is room for bright hope and expectant dreams. When fear isn’t the biggest thing…  abundance awaits!



Simple Gesture of KindnessSimple Kindness – Big Hope  -An “on purpose” life reaps huge pay-offs, not only for the person, who is embracing an intentional life, but also for others, whose paths intersect. Many times, it is the from the simplest acts of kindness that the biggest hope can spring. This is an account of a time, when I was reminded of that truth.

acottagecreeklife.comDitching the Millstone Necklace (5 Ways to De-clutter Life)  –There is more to de-cluttering your life than moving stuff out of the house. Clutter can accumulate in unexpected places, weighing you down and keeping you from experiencing the best possible version of your life. In this article, you will discover 5 surprising areas of your life that just might benefit from a good “spring-cleaning”…

acottagecreeklife.comThe Surprise  -“The lake setting is one of my favorite places to practice mindfulness.  The goal is to empty my mind of all thought clutter, in order to become fully aware of the intricate nuance of the moment.  Have you ever truly listened to silence?  It is not silent at all.  It’s a beautiful, subtle, symphony of sound, which is usually drowned out by the noise of our chaotic thoughts...”

Beauty Amidst the BleakFinding Beauty Amidst the Bleak  -“Often, when we find ourselves in a difficult and unfamiliar season of life, the overarching view can seem unrelentingly bleak.   Wistful memories of prior seasons of succulence, which are now lost to us, can overshadow all else.  We are unable to see the lush, developing world of new possibility that rests underneath the surface…” 

acottagecreeklife.comA Season of Rest  -The “busyness” of life can take us down pathways of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion.  Awareness around the need for “Rest” is vital, in order to make the decision to intentionally step away from chaos and experience healing restoration.

acottagecreeklife.comGratitude -“It’s an interesting thing.  Life.  There are so many ups and downs, with twists and turns along the way. About the time you think you’re on a straight path (and a clear course), there comes another, unexpected, bend in the road...”


In the Bleak MidwinterIn the Bleak Mid-Winter  -“Have you ever noticed how quietly snow falls?  It is as if all of nature pauses to notice, standing in silent wonderment as glistening flakes drift from the sky.  It is not lost on me, the irony, that the feathery softness of snow occurs during the harshest season.  It falls in the bleak mid winter, when “earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone…”


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