Seeking Stillness


Living from that sacred, centered place of “Stillness” is the truest pathway toward living in an intentional way.  Stillness speaks clarity into confusion.  It refuels our resolve, when we find our “tank” on empty.  The focus of these articles is centered around strategies and encouragement as we pursue Stillness.

Accepting Hardships as the Pathway Toward PeaceThe Pathway to Peace  -Is it possible that the straightest pathway to peace can be found along the most difficult avenues along the journey of life?  This is a contemplative article, written from the wise perspective around the lesser known stanzas of “The Serenity Prayer”.

How Stillness Changed My “What if”  -“It happened during a recent sabbatical, spent deep in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.  I had been struggling and needed to think through some persistent challenges that had wrapped tentacles of confusion around my mind.  So, I had taken retreat into the arms of nature’s seclusion.  My hope was to, once again, find the portal of clarity that is so often cradled in the quiet of a natural setting, where Stillness comes easily and soft tones of crystal Truth await…”


acottagecreeklife.comSabbath Morning  -“In deep solitude, the breath of God brushed across and smiled upon this Sabbath morning.   Remembrance of sacred text rose up to meet new light.  Ancient words.  Accounts of times, when Jesus took retreat from the masses -into deep Stillness. Jesus.  God in human form, who raised people from the dead and spoke peace over the wild seas and walked on water.  Surely, He could have zapped restoration into the frailty of his human form.  Surely...”


A Brand New DayA Brand New Day  -“The gift of each dawn brings with it fresh hope and forgotten past.  Each day -a clean slate, mysteriously full of bright promise and new beginnings.  When we catch ourselves, in angst, looking back, may we remember the vow that is held within the dawn of each new morning.  When our cautious eyes peer out into the realm of uncertainty…”


acottagecreeklife.comIn the Stillness  -A “New Year’s” Greeting and Resolution



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