Dandelion Bouquet – Nature’s Beautiful Gift

What a beautiful sea of yellow!  That was my thought, recently, as I looked out across my dandelion-speckled lawn.  I confess, that’s not how I’ve always felt in the early spring days of the dandelions’ full bloom.  In fact, I’ve spent more than one spring feeling disdain for the prolific nature of Taraxacum officinale.  I…

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Finding Beauty Amidst the Bleak

There is little outward evidence of springtime’s earliest moments of awakening.   Bleak colors of spent foliage cover the ground, as frosty fingers of winter’s last winds grip the landscape in a mighty last ditch effort to preserve its reign.  During this end-season, most of nature remains silent.  Hunkered down.  Awaiting subtle cues for a…

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6 Things Chronic Illness Taught Me

Life With Chronic Illness

Inherent in all difficulty is its power to teach us invaluable truths.  Life with chronic illness is no exception.  Things change when people find themselves immersed in the unstable world of chronic illness. The quality of my life changed, dramatically, during the years that I struggled with both CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, triggered by…

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How I Changed My Mind and Opened Up New Possibilities for Healing

It’s tough to maintain emotional wellbeing while suffering with chronic illness.  The constant barrage of symptoms wears us down and can dishearten even the most resilient among us.  Hopeful thoughts can easily be pushed into the abyss of hopeless expectation, making it imperative that we get intentional about identifying the thinking that shuts us down. …

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How Stillness Changed My ‘What if’

It happened during a recent sabbatical, spent deep in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.  I had been struggling and needed to think through some persistent challenges that had wrapped tentacles of confusion around my mind.  So, I had taken retreat into the arms of nature’s seclusion.  My hope was to, once again, find the…

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New Beginnings

In the deep-quiet of winter, nature’s keeper tip-toes into creation’s inner chamber, gingerly setting its springtime alarm.  At a perfectly appointed time, the ethereal bell ‘tings’…rousing creation into it’s bright, new morning.  Spring peepers rub sleep from their eyes and crawl onto the sun warmed banks of Cottage Creek.  Insistent, rhythmic croaks resound in chorus,…

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When Deep Love Meets Deep Need

My father found his way into my dreams, again, last night.  I find it interesting that he comes to me, not in the form of the hard working, vibrant figure of my youth, but as the shell of a man, who lay dying with Alzheimer’s disease.   This morning, I awoke with a ‘knowing’ that there…

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Ditching the Millstone Necklace (5 Ways to De-clutter Life)

There is more to de-cluttering your life than moving stuff out of the house. Clutter can accumulate in unexpected places, weighing you down and keeping you from experiencing the best possible version of your life. In this article, you will discover 5 surprising areas of your life that just might benefit from a good spring-cleaning.

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