Wisdom From a Cat

Wisdom From a Cat

I call this photo “Content in Snow”.  It inspires me, and this is why…  The life of a barn cat is not easy.  Meals are well earned.  And sparse.  They are not served in pretty little kibble dishes.

There are no silky cat pillows. No brightly colored toys, and no temperature controlled luxuries to enjoy.

There is rain and snow. Stifling heat. Dust. Then mud. Cockle burrs and stick-tights. Fleas. Impatient cattle hooves. Coyotes. Rusty farm implements, and many other unfriendly annoyances.

And yet,

They seem to be able to find contentment.

They still play

And purr

And caress one other, nose to nose, in blissful greeting.

And they sit, with half moon eyes…

Content in Snow

This picture reminds me to earnestly seek that sacred, inner Pathway toward tranquility and peace, which steadies us all through life’s harshest details.

May we all be Content in Snow.


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