Sabbath Morning

A steady, silent drizzle had left its glistening mark upon the landscape, as the morning rays of the sun peaked over the horizon.  Moss and lichen bloomed thickly on gnarled limbs that lay on saturated ground.  Exotic fungi burst patterns and colors from soggy bark, which had lain bare just a few hours earlier.  Herons…

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Wisdom From a Cat

I call this photo “Content in Snow”.  It inspires me, and this is why…  The life of a barn cat is not easy.  Meals are well earned.  And sparse.  They are not served in pretty little kibble dishes. There are no silky cat pillows. No brightly colored toys, and no temperature controlled luxuries to enjoy.…

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The Surprise

  I love surprises!  Well…pleasant ones, anyway. I had spent the late afternoon hours walking along the lake shore, taking in the beauty of the natural setting.  As I strolled along the shoreline, it felt as though creation was holding its breath, in anticipation, as the wild geese moved toward the spectacle of their evening…

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It was early.   Pre dawn.  I had recently learned of the underlying cause of my long struggle with a chronic illness. It had been one of those good news/bad news things.  However, I hadn’t really grasped that, in the beginning.  Initially, it had felt as though blazing floodlights had been thrown over a darkened sports…

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On that particular day, I was struggling.  My mother would have called it “feeling blue”.  Rarely did I experience such heaviness of heart, so I was confused by the tight grip the feeling had on me.  I had decided to take a walk in the timber, on our family farm, thinking the fresh air and…

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In the Bleak Mid Winter

Have you ever noticed how quietly snow falls?  It is as if all of nature pauses to notice, standing in silent wonderment as glistening flakes drift from the sky. It is not lost on me, the irony, that the feathery softness of snow occurs during the harshest season.  It falls in the bleak mid winter,…

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The Old Barn, pt 2

It groaned with the weight of a family’s heartbreak, amidst twisted tin and ash.  Transformed from machine to monument, in the blink of an eye.  It beckoned memories, which rose from smoldering embers, to sit one last time. Memories… Of long, dusty days that stretched into night Of leather gloves, smelling of diesel and dirt,…

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The Old Barn

As I stepped into the clearing, from my stroll in the snowy timber, the old barn greeted me with its familiar form.  Gnarled limbs quietly framed the well loved structure that was built by calloused, ancestral hands. I couldn’t help but think of the first of them, who saw this piece of ground and dreamed…

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A Season of Rest

A Season of Rest.  We all need it. A time to soften the callouses and heal the worn-out places. Sometimes, we need to crawl deep into the core of a snowy den, in order to recharge and replenish that which fuels our best efforts and most fervent intentions. It is a natural course -after the…

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